50lb Braided Line? Too Excessive?


i was thinking of ordering a 50lb spool of braided line, is this excessive. i usually fish for bass and catfish, and recently i have seen a few catfish jump out of the water at the local pond who’s heads were at least a foot and a half across. and with 20 LB line i would hate to hook it and have it get off. Also i was wondering which brand of braided line is the best to use at 50lb. Its between “PowerPro Braided Spectra Fiber Micro Filament Line”, “SpiderWire Stealth Braided Fishing Line”, or “Berkley FireLine Braid Fishing Line”


7 Responses to “50lb Braided Line? Too Excessive?”
  1. Nathan S says:

    You might be able to back down to like a 30lb braid for what you need. On the other hand go with what you want it;s your reel and your waters.

  2. Pete says:

    I’m a big fan of Berkley FireLine and have used it for about 15 years. I consider it stronger, and easier to use than other braids especially PowerPro. My second choice would be SpiderWire Stealth. I use braid exclusively because I fish metal jigs (Crippled Herring & Kandlefish) exclusively, across the North American continent, and need a positive hookset without line stretch. For your bass and catfish, I do not consider braided line as critical to use and would stay with mono and save the unnecessary expense of braid. If you still opt for braid, I think 20 lb is very sufficient.

  3. castmone says:

    I would use the spider wire cause most braids are small for the test so a fifty pound test will still work very well if you are fishing for either bass or catfish. Sounds like large flatheads so you would want a tough line and braid is harder for them to cut when they roll. I’ve hooked large cats on 20 pound test and got them all the way to the edge only for them to roll and cut the line on their fins.

  4. catfishh says:

    first off id use the power pro best hands down.and no 50lb test is NOT overkill.Id rather have it and not need it then need it and not have it.If your trophy catfishing and going for the big boys you better have some heavy line or your wasting your time.Yes you need to set your drag right but if that fish is in trees in the water or rocks things like that your going to need to horse him out of all that or hes going to hang you up.So no your 50 lb line is fine and to be honest it wouldnt really hurt to go up to 65 lb.Now if your just after eater size channel cats you dont need anything but 20 or 30 lb test.But you hang into a big blue or flathead and you will be glad you had that heavy line.

  5. Backwater Charlie says:

    I don’t think you would need 50 lb. line for that fishing area, but I don’t think it would necessarily too heavy. But think, just set your drag and the fish won’t break your line. Don’t set it too light, or you’ll risk stripping out your gears, and don’t set it too tight because a fish larger than that 20 lb will break your 20 lb. line. It’s all in how you play your fish. I’m pretty sure that 20 lb. Berkley Big Game mono-filament should work. But do as you please and use the 50 lb. braid …
    Some bass fisherman use 65-lb. and 80-lb. braid for top-water frogs …

  6. leeeeeroy jenkins says:

    a record 109 pound blue cat was caught on 12 pound line. 50 pound braid is really for sea fishing in my opinion. like if you’re trolling for tuna or something. just go with the 20
    you know what? scratch that. i thought you said their heads were a half foot across. a foot and a half? daamn dude!
    i’d get it. better overkill than losing 20 minutes of fight and a nice fish.

  7. HTaciana says:

    Charlie is right above. 50 pound line is overkill. But another problem you’re going to run into is when your line gets caught on the bottom. It is nearly impossible to break 50 pound braided line so you’ll end up having to cut it. Cutting line is always a waste.

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