Does Braid Fishing Line Float Or Sink?


in my experience, braid floats. but, in this article at, he says braid sinks. which is it?


4 Responses to “Does Braid Fishing Line Float Or Sink?”
  1. justinto says:

    hey man, yea the briaded line floats. i have never seen a line that doens’t. mono, floro, and braided all float. it all depends on what type of lure that you are using and what depth that it is being fishined to make it sink. i like the fact that the braided does float more than mono though. when i am fishing at just a couple of feet down and most of the line is at the top of the water, when i get a strike there is less water resistance on the setting of the hook. that is just my opinion. i have come to find, especially after alot of people started using braided on freshwater reels, that there are different opinions all over the boad about the likes and dislikes between mono, floro, and braided. for me the best way that i found to find out the pros and cons of eash is to use each. it gets kinda pricey but it will take away questions that you might have about each line. i have alot of reels and there is a different type of line on eash reel. each line has its own place in this quickly growing fishing world. hope that helps good luck and good fishin

  2. flounder says:

    It depends on the weight ratio of the braided line to water. Water has a weight ratio of 1.0 and some braids are lighter at only .97 which causes the line to float. Tight lines!

  3. PSP.Play says:

    braided line on its own will float, it u add the hooks, jigs, lures etc most likely it will sink.

  4. jtexas says:

    it might lay on the surface due to surface tension, but it doesn’t float.

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