How Do I Find A Wholesale Tackle Distributor?


I am going to be opening a bait and tackle shop but have no clue how to get a supplier…if I search it online all i get it retail shops fronting as wholesale but the prices are higher then it costs to buy the stuff from wal-mart. does anyone know where I can go to find real wholesale supplies for fishing and tackle?


5 Responses to “How Do I Find A Wholesale Tackle Distributor?”
  1. biff says:

    google search wholesale tackle distributor.

  2. sht_dave says:

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  3. smiling_ says:

    Isn’t Walmart really a wholesaler? (and importer)

  4. ideame says:

    Look at the package of ackle ans see who the distributor is,,,,google them it may take a bit but you should find a number to begin contacts

  5. katie pie says:

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