How Do I Put Braided Line On A Fishing Rod?


well the first step is to putt 40ft of mono on the spool to keep it from sliping and tangeling. then get the braid and tie it to the mono using double uni knot or albright knot. then wind until all braid is gone or till the line is around 5mm from the edge of the spool. have fun fishing.


3 Responses to “How Do I Put Braided Line On A Fishing Rod?”
  1. conuk47 says:

    Put it on the same way as mono. But put some mono on first than the braided. Otherwise the braided can slip on the spool.

  2. BOBBER says:

    u dont…………..u put it on the reel.and then run it through the eyes of the rod

  3. the blue duece says:

    the same way you put regular line on

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