Mustad Big Game Hooks


Big Game - the Heavy Weight

Mustad Big Game hooks have established a formidable reputation among the world’s big game anglers for sharpness, strength and reliability. This has made them the world’s best selling game hook for more than a century and they hold more world records than any other big game hook.

And in the famous game fishing grounds of Australia and New Zealand, Mustad Big Game hooks have become the automatic choice for serious game fishermen:

  • Southern and Tuna patterns (7691DT and 7691S) for lure and bait trolling for marlin and tuna.
  • Sea Master 7699D for sharks and live baiting for other heavy game fish.
  • Stainless 7732 for lure trolling.
  • The famous Mustad Super Marlin, the hand-crafted, strength rated masterpiece in heavy game hooks, now available in Australia and New Zealand
  • The new Mustad Ultra Point Big Game Live Bait hook, now available in New Zealand
  • The 76LGS (light game stainless), a special stainless Southern and Tuna pattern in lighter gauge for lure trolling. MB test-rated.
Stainless Steel hooks available in electro-polished steel (AISI 420)

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