Mustad Ultrapoint


It’s not difficult to make a hook point that is sharp at the tip. All you need is a basic needle point – like you find on most ‘chemically sharpened’ hooks. The real challenge is to make a needle point that won’t curl over or snap off under pressure.

That’s what Mustad has achieved with ULTRA POINT.

ULTRA POINT makes chemically sharpened needle point hooks stronger and more durable. They are less likely to curl over or break under pressure.

In 2004, all Mustad Premium hooks in Australia and New Zealand became equipped with ULTRA POINT.

ULTRA POINT – only from Mustad.

About Ultrapoint


  • Extremely sharp
  • Quick and easy penetration
  • Small entry holes

Benefits of traditional
needle point
Drawbacks of traditional needle point:

  • In order to sharpen the point, metal is removed in the grinding process — this makes the needle point very sharp, but also weaker.
  • Such points will occasionally bend or roll over.

Sharpness, Strength and Durability
Mustad has now developed a new hook concept that combines the benefits of the needle point — quick and easy penetration and ultra sharpness– with demands for strength and durability.

  • Our new three-step grinding method makes it possible to remove less metal from the point without compromising sharpness.
  • Mustad now offers hooks featuring sticky sharp, true needle points that are stronger and more durable for easy penetration and longer performance.

Samples taken from our regular production line.

Awesome Strength
The incredible strength is also achieved through our innovative three-stage, computer controlled tempering process — Nor-Tempering. This advanced heat treatment transforms the hook into a fine grained, ultra-strong micro structure, increasing the strength up to 30% compared to conventional tempering methods.

No other premium fish hook offers both the sharpness and incredible strength of new Mustad It’s truly a revolutionary way to increase your hook sets and prolong the life of your hooks. That means more casts, more sets, and less time in your tackle box. All from the world leader in fish hooks.

After all, sharpness is our strong point.

The New Mustad Opti-Angle
Needle Point Treble Hook

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