One of my fondest rod and reel is the Force Ten fishing rod and reel combo that I found abandoned at the pond I fished at. I had lost one the other day to a carp that dragged it underwater , because I forgot to secure my fishing rod. I came back the next day hoping that I would float to shore, but I found an abadoned fishinf rod. I have caught many fish with that rod.


My fondest story about a rod and reel? I actually came back with the best memory Wednesday night. I came back with my dad’s tackle box and fishing rod; Abu-matic 170 on a Olympic 3350 2mf rod ( not really sure, hard to read.) He passed away on May 12 but man, did he love this set up he had. Anyways, here’s the story;
He was sitting on a chair on the edge of the shore line. He just casted out the line and yelled at us, ” don’t bother me ‘cuz I’m after a big one.” We just sat there looking at him like he was crazy. He fell asleep and that’s when we set up our devious plan. My brother went into the lake and followed out the line. We staged up around him to wake my dad really fast and get him confused for a second. As soon as we screamed out, ” Dad you got a bite, it’s a big one!” My dad jumps up all confused. My brother takes the line and dives down and pulls the line. My dad is all excited and screaming for a net and fighting the “fish” hard for all he’s worth. My brother pops his head up out of the water holding the line and my dad just stood there trying to figure out what happened.He looked at us and started laughing his butt off because he knew we got him. That is the fondest memory of any rod and reel I have even for a moment because he handled that dinky set up like it was an extension of himself and I knew it would be that way always. Now I’m looking at it and wondering if I can ever be as good as him and scared to touch the thing because I’m expecting him to yell at me. LOL. That’s the best I have to offer as far as your question goes because none of the new gear or old I have comes close to that one rod and reel my dad loved so much…not yet anyways.; ) ~good luck catchin.

Answer 2

You crack me up, Chimp. I can picture it…
I know how it is almost not wanting to use various items… I got my grandfather’s old tacklebox last year (It had been hiding in my mother’s garage for who knows how long…) complete with receipts for items, a non-functional green bic lighter, a small candle, notes that I guess came with lures that he got as retirement presents from work… still trying to figure out which one’s the one that’s supposed to guarantee a huge seatrout… I think it’s the ugly one that doesn’t look like it would catch anything… I’ve got flying lures, I’ve got fake worms galore, and part of me says “use them! use them!” and the other part says “No! You don’t go through grampop’s tacklebox! It looks like it’s getting ready to rain!” (and those fish, they don’t like getting wet.) The tackle box doesn’t go with me when I go fishing… I finally did break down and pack some of the little panfish hooks in my tacklebox the other weekend in case we had bait thieves for me to turn into bait… I’ll use his tackle first… then maybe some of his lures…

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