bigred_snapperAre two hooks better than one?  In many cases, yes.  When the hooks are rigged and spaced so that they work independently, they can give an improved hookup rate compared to a big single hook.

That’s the principle behind Mustad’s Big Red Snapper Rig, a special two-hook rig designed for big baits.  Two Mustad chemically sharpened Ultra Point Big Red hooks are snelled on a trace a set distance apart.  This makes rigging easy for large strip baits, whole squid, octopus legs and other big baits for snapper, mulloway and other large target fish.

Many anglers find this a neater and better way to rig large natural baits than a big single hook.  And neat baits get more bites and better hookups.  The Mustad Big Red Snapper Rig uses fixed (not sliding) hooks of uniform size.  This type of rig has proved popular in the southern states for snapper and mulloway anglers.  But it has application just about everywhere, so anglers in other areas will certainly be interested.

The Mustad Big Red Snapper Rig comes packaged in a distinctive yellow header card pack in the Mustad Ultra Point style, with three rigs per pack. Illustrated baiting instructions are provided. Hook sizes range from 3/0 to 8/0.
Hook size     Trace length (metres)         Breaking strain         Swivel size
3/0                          1.5                                          30lb                       2
4/0                          1.5                                         40lb                       1
5/0                          1.5                                         50lb                       1
6/0                          1.5                                         50lb                       1/0
7/0                         1.5                                         60lb                       1/0
8  /0                          1.5                                         70lb                       1/0

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