I presume that big game fishing is as it’s name implies- hunting the aquatic equivalents of lions, leopards and rhinos! If this is true, does this mean that big game fishing is almost always done from a boat, and never from the shore or even inland fresh waters? What is used in the way of tackle (rods, reels, hooks etc) and tactics? Thanks!


Big Game, offshore fishing, Regulation tackle. This style of fishing is done on a boat with a fishing chair on the stern in which the angler is belted, strapped down into a chair and Rod. Anglers are out to catch Black Marlins(Billfish). Of course one can also say shark, tuna fishing is Big Game if the range is 800-1000-lbs and up. 1000-lb + Black Marlin in Cairns Australia is Big Game. Rod’s used cost upward of $1000-$4500 each and are custom made for trolling with bent storable butts and roller guides capable of handling wire line. The choice roller guides years ago was the Fin-nor and now Aftco, also Fin-nor tycoon Rods the very best at one time . Fin-nor Reels 15/0 and earlier George Stevens 16/0 and many other makers, for now the Duel is an excellent Big Game Reel. Big Game is trolled, one Rod is the teaser and the other holds a dead fish(bait) whichever it might be, big enough to excite a 1000-lb + catch. Wire line is still in use today and so is dacron.

Equipment for Black Marlin will run you into the thousands with 30 outfits for each boat(vessel) if not more.
These Rods are made of hollow fiberglass blanks and many still use solid glass blanks. Graphite Rods are also made in the unlimited class but don’t take the punishment of glass. Line test which is mostly used is 80-lb test to catch 1000-lb and up, you really don’t need anything over that. Hooks range all the way to 16/0, the leader can either be wire, strand wire or mono, etc., up to 900-lbs.
Outriggers are used as well for Big Game fishing to extend the bait, teaser as far away to the side of your boat(vessel).

Aside from Fishing Rods,leaders, kite Rod, gaff, etc., I get other Big Game equipment from either Capt Harry fishing supply or Melton tackle, which in my opinion are an excellent source for the east coast.
We can also in an attempt add Stand-up fishing to Big Game. In the case of Stand-up no chair is used and the Rod is made to suit the angler in reeling in a 800-lb Tuna in a short period of time 20-30 minutes without breaking back work.

Sailfish is not considered Big Game fishing. In the Keys we catch Sailfish with 12- 20-lb Spinning or Casting Tackle. I must add that just about everyone else here, has given an excellent answer and deserves a thumbs up.

Answer 2

Big game fishing is targeting hard to catch fish (marlin) that when they are hooked fight like crazy and spectacularly huge. Its kind of a rich mans sport, because it takes alot of time to cover huge distances looking for the things plus the gear isn’t cheap either.

The rods are big heavy things that are meant to troll (not cast) so sensitivity isn’t the biggest need. The reels are saltwater proof (corrosion resistant) and are generally made very sturdy as alot of pressure is put on the them. You use a line of incredibly tough fishing line (50-60lbs test to 100lbs) then use a piece of steel to attach the line to the terminal tackle, which is a big hook with a piece of bait on it.
It’s all in bragging rights – a person may shoot a big moose, but its not really gonna compare to that elephant your great-great-grandaddy shot back in africa, is it?

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